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Welcome to offers a free wishlist service (also referred to as a Gift Registry).

A wishlist is a list of things you wish to have/own. It is a fun and easy way for you and your friends to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want for a holiday, anniversary, or a birthday. At you can create and manage multiple wishlists (one for each of those special occasions).

Site Features

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Registered Users

  • Browse friends wishlists
  • Manage your own wishlists
  • Mark friends wishes/items as bought (with undo facility)
  • OpenId authentication
  • Gravatar support (profile picture)

Wishlist features include:

  • Create and manage multiple wishlists
  • Tag items for better management
  • Assign a rating to each item (Level of Interest)
  • Quick submit button - Multi browser support
  • Access Rights - Full control of who has access to each wishlist
  • Keep track of bought items (fulfilment)

3 simple steps to get started

  1. Register for a wishfish account
  2. Add a few items to your wishlist (with a link to where it may be purchased online)
  3. Share your list with your friends - helping to give them an idea of the things you would like